House of Amau
Cultivating acting talent and producers, directors and technical professionals for novice and experienced artists on stage and in film and television.

Projects in Development 

The Intergenerational Spiders 

A project operating in Brent, Camden, Hackney, Haringey and Islington.

The aim of the project is to establish a number of drama groups across the targeted boroughs where isolated people of a wide age range and varying levels of experience, can come together to interact through drama with others that might be in a similar situation. Although the focus will target particularly those isolated individuals from an African heritage background, it will not exclude individuals that are neither of that heritage nor in isolation.

Intergenerational Spiders will work with schools, colleges, faith groups and other voluntary or community groups as well as individuals that are unconnected to any of these.

Act Your Age

Act Your Age is a tri-borough project which will operate out of local schools and theatres in Camden, Hackney and Islington.  It will be aimed at young people aged 17 to 25 who have no formal theatre training but are interested in either performing on stage, television or screen; writing for those audiences or working behind the scenes in directing, camera work, lighting or sound. The project will work with both scripted material and improvisation and training workshops will be facilitated by industry professionals to enable aspiring young people to receive mentorship from those with inside knowledge of their fields.


Past Project

Anansi Dalston Players

The Anansi Dalston Players was brought together in May 2012 to deliver the More Drama in Dalston project. The core group of ten men and women, from a wide age range and a variety of cultural backgrounds, were experienced actors and performers. The group was supplemented by performers who attended to improve their acting and communication skills, or to gain additional experience outside of their courses or primary theatre companies.